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Calligraphy Towers

Elite residential complex from the developer Calligraphy Towers

Calligraphy Tower is the embodiment of sophisticated solutions in modern architecture and design, which were resolved by the best European and Georgian specialists. It stands out for its grand scale combined with a unique 

5* quality level of infrastructure, which sets its high standards of quality in service, management, and construction.

The modern infrastructure of the complex fully ensures the buyer's income and financial stability.

When you buy an apartment in Calligraphy Towers, you are investing in ever-growing real estate and receive a steady growing income, while our management company manages your apartment Building stands out for its grand scale combined with a unique 5* quality level of infrastructure, which sets its high standards of quality in service, management, and construction. International design and engineering organizations were involved in the architectural and engineering design of Calligraphy Tower. The ventilated facade of the building will be performed by the experienced company- SPS GROUP Our advantage:
When purchasing an apartment at Calligraphy Towers, the owner receives a 100% guarantee of view immutability.

Our international partner is the world famous brand Hilton Worldwide, which will be represented by Hotel Hampton by Hilton in our complex.

There is no perspective , that in front of our project, a new building will ever be built.

The Calligraphy Tower complex consists of 4 blocks - 3 Calligraph skyscrapers: A-Tower, B-Tower, C-Tower and a three- story D platform, with a common infrastructure.

In the Block A there will the an international brand world famous hotel chain.

The infrastructure includes everything you’ll need for active recreation :

Shopping center
cinema "Calligraph"
Piano & Lounge Bar with live music
co-working area
conference hall
indoor and outdoor pools
Over 300 parking spaces





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Frequently asked Questions


Yes, customers can change internal planning as they wish
Our installment will allow you to purchase profitable real estate from us without burdening yourself with large monthly payments.
Form of payment: Internal installments for 36 months, with a 30% down payment.
Property tax in Georgia is not levied.
Complex is constructed according to the new regulations. The building material is
distinguished with energy efficient glazing, refractory block,
ventilated facades, sound insulation, and Mitsubishi
lifts with fireproof cabin .
The construction is carried out in accordance with the European standards technologies, namely, using
Austrian formwork system Doka, which guarantees the accuracy of the design and ultimately, the highest
product quality, which consequently affects the reduction of costs for the buyer during repairs and
the creation of comfortable living conditions.
The complex will be equipped with a European standard with a modern, fire safety system that complies with the new regulations.
The entrance will be faced with natural stones / granite.
The iron entrance door will be equipped with an electronic lock and one universal fire-resistant key.
the company offers the service of apartment management through a personal account: payment of utilities, reporting on income, withdrawal of earnings, sources of customer acquisition, an online synchronizer with apartment rental sites such as Airbnb, and more than a hundred sites around the world. All this information about your apartment will be transparent for you and available online.
You can choose apartments in several conditions: Black frame, white frame, renovated apartments with furniture and appliances ( Turn key option)
“White frame” means the space with finished interior decoration : screed, plaster, plastic windows, metal entrance doors, internal partitions by your project. Advantages: purchasing a “white frame” you save time and effort, that goes into the black work.
“Black frame” assumes the absence of internal partitions. plastic windows, entrance doors, communication facilities penciled to the front door are included. Advantages: lower price, layout and decoration shall be done to your taste.
To buy a property in Georgia, citizenship does not matter. foreign citizens may acquire ownership of property, regardless of which country citizens they are.
The conditions of buying real estate are the same for the citizens of Georgia as well as for the citizens of any other country.
Yes, and this very easy process . You need to read the real estate purchase agreement, make a transfer of fee to the company account, and the company representatives will provide you with the relevant, confirming documents and checks.
1. Sign the preliminary contract of purchase and sale between the seller – company-builder and the buyer.
2. Make the payment on the account of the seller, pursuant to the agreement of purchase and sale.
3. Register the property in a public register. when buying an apartment in a building under construction, two agreements are signed _ preliminary and primary.
Preliminary agreement includes:
-The company’s commitment is to hand over a house in a certain time and in a condition that is described in the same agreement.
- Obligations of the parties to sign a major contract in the future.
Since signing the preliminary contract and before signing the main contract _ the buyer shall register in the register as the future owner of the apartments under construction. at the time of signing the main contract, both parties shall perform their obligations under the preliminary contract. the company _ to build and hand over an apartment at the time and in the condition, under contract, the buyer _ to pay the full price of the apartment. when signing the main contract, apartment shall be again registered in the register, to the buyer as to the owner.
Required documents for registration in the registry:
1. Identity card.
2. The agreement.
Cost of services and terms of registration in a public registry: 4 business days - 50 gel, 1 business day - 150 gel. registration at the day of application - 200 gel.
- water ~ 019usd per 1 ton.
- garbage ~ 1,13usd (per person per month)
- electricity ~ 0,06usd per 1 kw/h


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